Spring 09

Welcome to ASEE IUPUI Chapter !!

The goal of ASEE IUPUI Chapter is to help students explore the numerous opportunities available with an advanced degree in engineering and technology. We also hope to prepare students for graduate studies by offering Graduate School Workshops series.

In a nutshell, our mission consists of:

  • Providing members the opportunity to develop research and teaching skills
  • Educating undergraduate students about graduate studies and graduate education in engineering and engineering technology
  • Providing members the opportunity to learn about career in academia
  • Supporting underrepresented minority groups to pursue advanced studies in engineering or engineering technology

How to join  ASEE IUPUI Chapter? Joining our chapter is very simple: simply email us with your name and major. No membership fee is required to be part of ASEE IUPUI Chapter. However, you might consider signing up with www.asee.org in order to take advantage of the various benefits available to you as a student member of ASEE.

Our activities:

There are several events planned each semester. Please visit events to find out more.

Did you know?

We strongly encourage you to explore undergraduate research opportunities if you are interested in attending graduate school. Visit  Insterested in Undergraduate Research Opportunities at IUPUI?

Student Instructor Award

Are you helping your fellow students succeed in their educational goals? Are you teaching any courses? You may be eligible for the student instructor of the year award.

GRE Workshops coming up soon. Stay Tuned.

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

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